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We have been committed to excellence and customer service since the opening of Goodnight Guest Lodge in 2006. In an effort to maintain our high level of quality and service we have implemented the following environmental procedures and green initiatives.
Energy Use
Our Garden Suites and lodging have in-room auto-adjusted thermostats that  adjust the temperature to a set-back mode to conserve energy.  Since 2006
We have replaced incandescent light bulbs in all areas of the lodge with fluorescent light bulbs which use less energy.   Since 2008
Waste Management
Our offices have established a paper recycling program.  New Initiative
By using glass, china, linen table clothes and napkins in guest rooms and restaurant, the lodge is able to minimize paper waste.
All restaurant and banquet facilities use reusable condiment dishes, allowing for less waste of plastic or glass containers and food.
Water Conservation
Or gardens are irrigated from our on-sight springs. Our spring water is re-filtrated back into our underground  system and has very little or no effect on the ecosystem of our underground water supply. No spring water is used for household purposes and thus stay pure to the source.   New Initiative
Our on-site laundry facility allows us to monitor and control municipal water usage.  New Initiative
Other Earth-Friendly Measures
Our sales and catering staff will customize events to fit our client’s environmental needs.
The front desk has reduced paper and toner usage by half by making use of electronic confirmations, invoices and statements.   New Initiative
Our buildings are eco friendly buildings. All our rooms were build with face bricks to reduce chemicals that are used in paints. Our roofs are all thatched roofs and degradable materials were used to construct our roofs.
All construction materials that were used in our public areas  are eco friendly degradable materials.  Since 2005
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